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June 5, 2023
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8 Best Sewing Scissors For Every Situation

Best budget
Fiskars 175800-1002
Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors, 8 Inch, Black
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best FOR small projects
Gingher 01-005280
Stork Embroidery Scissors, 3.5 Inch, Gold
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best electric scissors
Pink Power Electric Scissors
Heavy Duty Professional Shears Cutting Tool
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1. Fiskars 175800-1002 – Best Budget Sewing Scissors


Ideal for cutting an immense range of fabrics.
Razor edge blades to work on tough material with ease.
Toughened stainless steel blade for durability.
Softgrip Ergonomic handles for high comfort.
Lifetime Warranty

What I Like

High- Grade Stainless Steel Blade
The Fiskars 175800-1002 comes with a hardened stainless steel blade that makes them long-standing and reliable.
The hardened steel ensures the longevity of the shear.
Though made of hardened steel, the scissors are lightweight.
The razor blade allows it to cut through various materials ranging from leather, denim, all kinds of fabrics, and even thin metals.
The Fiskar scissors are exclusively designed to cut through the leather which can be a challenger for other shears due to its sticky nature.
If you are looking for a scissor to work on multiple fabrics, look no further.
Razor-sharp Blade
The blades are super sharp and can easily cut through multiple layers of fabrics. Working on tough materials like leather, canvas, and plastic can be easy peasy.
The blades stay sharp even after prolonged use.
The blades are bulkier than other Fiskar models. It can even cut through thick animal hair with ease.
Ergonomic Handle
The handles are made of plastic and come with a cushioned grip. However, the handle is quite sturdy and easy to work with.
Large Screw Head
The screw head of Fiskars 175800-1002 is unusually large, making it convenient to adjust to set the desired tension.
Lifetime Warranty
 The Fiskars 175800-1002 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This is indeed an impressive feature since a lot of sewing shears don’t come with such warranties.

Impressive Look
The scissors look stunning in black and orange. The design looks professional and striking.

What I Dislike

Significantly sharp blades
The blades are extremely sharp and should be handled with caution.
Blades are not long enough
One major drawback with the Fiskars 175800-1002 is that the blades are not long enough. 
This is highly disadvantageous, especially when you are working on a long piece of fabric. You will have to snip multiple times and this can influence the smoothness of your cut.
Finger Holes too close
The finger holes are placed too close and this can pose a challenge to get sufficient grip on the handle and in turn can negatively impact your cutting power.
The holes are quite small and the accommodating of huge fingers is a challenge.
Not for Left-Handed:
Fiskars 175800-1002 is not ideal for left-handers. The product description does not mention the fact that the product lacks an ambidextrous feature.
High-grade stainless steel blades for durability
User-friendly soft-grip handles for convenient usage
Lightweight and handy
Super sharp blades for effortless cutting.
Multi-functional and can be used on multiple fabrics.
Comes with a lifetime warranty
Comes with an elegant design
Larger screw head to adjust easily
Handles are stiff
The blades are extremely sharp
Slightly expensive
Might be huge for small hands
Blades are not long
Not for left-handed people

Who Should buy

This is an ideal buy for people who work extensively with sewing and stitching. It is also ideal for people who are looking for scissors for multi-functional purposes.

2. Gingher 01-005280 Stork – Best Embroidery Scissors


Striking stork design
A slim and delicate frame
Sharp nickel-plated blades
Straight and edged blades
Beautiful 24K gold-plated handles
Leather case for storage

What I Like

Sharp Blades:
The blades are pretty sharp. They are sharp enough to snip at threads quite precisely.
The tips are pointed making it easy to target small threads and jump stitches.
They don’t pull the thread while attempting to cut, unlike the cheap snippers.
The finely pointed tip makes it convenient to get close to the fabric while snipping.
The  Gingher 01-005280, is crafted beautifully with a stork design. It is made luxurious with a gold plate. The design is unique and classy.
The handle is comfortable to hold and is quite sturdy.
Post-sale service:
Gingher offers post-sale service. The blades can be given for resharpening if required.
Case Cover:
It is accompanied by a beautiful black leather case sheath. The case cover is of premium quality and useful in storing the scissors when not in use.

What I Dislike

Flimsy Blade Tip:
The blade tip is flimsy and pointed. The tip is so sheer and sharp that it gets broken quite easily. You need to handle it with caution.
Hard to Open:
The handles are extremely stiff and hard to open. Since it is extremely hard to open and close, it is highly strenuous to work with.
With prolonged use, the finger hurts due to the stiffness and rigidity of the handle.
Finger Holes:
The finger hole size is yet another downside for the Gingher 01-005280. The hole can be a bit too small for people with fleshy fingers.
Due to the small hole size, it can get painful with continued usage.
Color Fades:
The gold plate tends to fade quite easily, even if stored properly.
The handles though sturdy, do have a faulty design. They tend to cross each other and are not aligned accurately.
Sharp and pointed blades
Unique Stork design
Post-sale service
Comes with a beautiful case sheath
Easy to work with both hands
The blade tip is flimsy
Hard to open and close
Finger holes are too small
Handles cross over
Gold color fades pretty soon

Who Should buy

People who are looking for stunning designed scissors as well as people who are looking at scissors exclusively for thread work can opt for this one.

The  Gingher 01-005280 is an ideal choice for light embroidery and thread work and not suited to work on heavy fabrics. The slender frame makes it convenient to work pretty closely with the fabric to give it a neat finish.

The stiff handle, flimsy tip, and color fade are drawbacks worth noting.
However, this stork designed gold plated scissor is a true beauty to behold!

3. Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors – Best Electric Scissors


Power Lock Switch
Work time up to 2 hours
Charged with a 3.6 V rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Works on a wide range of fabrics
User-friendly handle
Lock and Safety button

What I Like

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
It comes with a removable 3.4V Lithium-Ion battery. Post a full recharge, the battery can last for up to 2 hours.
Work on a wide range of fabrics
The pink power can work on multiple layers of fabric, including denim, with ease. It can cut evenly and swiftly.
You can complete your complicated sewing tasks in a jiffy with this little wonder.
Pink power is highly versatile. It can also be used for varied craftwork such as quilting, cardboard making, carpet stitching, etc.  
You can use it on leather, cardboard, plastic, and even metal and see the magic unfold.
This is better than most of the other cutting tools, like the rotary cutters in the market.
These scissors are exclusively designed to handle various materials like fabric, metal, leather, cardboard, and plastic.
Two Blade Options
The pink power comes with 2 different blades. One blade is used to work on paper and fabric and the other is provided to work on cardboard, metals, and plastic.
When the blades lose their efficiency, you can replace them and there is no need to buy new scissors.
It’s an easy peasy task to change the blades as per your need and requirement.
Power Switch Lock
The pink power comes with the unique “Power switch Lock” feature. When you switch on the device you can just activate the power switch lock and the device will work uninterrupted.
This is highly convenient, as you will not be required to keep pressing the power switch while working on the fabrics.

Convenient to use
The Pink Power comes with an ergonomic handle that makes cutting effortless and comfortable.
The blades can be replaced with ease. They are easy to work with, razor-sharp, and recharge quite fast making it a sheer delight to work with.
Safety Button
Yet another distinct feature of Pink Power is its “Safety Button” feature. 
This inbuilt safety mechanism ensures the device doesn’t get activated accidentally and this is a big boon to prevent accidental damages.
Highly Compact
The pink power is lightweight, petite, and easy to carry. It is easy to carry it around. It weighs around 1lb and it is just 9 inches long.

What I Dislike

Too Noisy
It’s too noisy for a cutter. It sounds almost like a piece of workshop equipment. 
It vibrates a lot too. That can be very disturbing while working on the fabric.
Hard To Turn On
Turning on the “Switch On” button is very challenging. You might be required to hold the scissors with one hand and use the other hand to turn on the power.
This can be an arduous task for people with arthritis concerns.
Power Lock Getting Stuck
The power lock switch gets stuck at times and requires a great effort to unlock the same.
Short Battery Life
Though the description states that the battery lasts for nearly 2 hours, the battery seems to drain quite quickly.
So frequent charging is required and this can be burdensome while working for long hours.
Highly convenient to use
Provided with 2 strong blades
User-friendly design
Can work on a variety of fabrics
Comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
It is cordless and easy to operate
3 years warranty
Effortless blade change feature
Perfect for people with achy hands
The battery is a bit noisy
It has to be charged.
It requires effort to pull out the battery
Not much of battery durability
The power lock switch gets stuck at times
Heavy vibration when switched on

Who Should buy

Anyone who wants to own electric scissors over a conventional one can go for this beauty. Professionals who rely on manual cutting tools can go for this multifunctional device. 

The Pink Power is a multi-functional electric device that can be used for not just sewing but various other projects. It is compact and easy to carry. It comes with a lot of unique features like the “Power Lock” switch and “Safety Button” for convenience and damage prevention.
The device also comes with two different kinds of blades, one to handle fabric and paper and the other to deal with metals, plastic, and cardboard.

However, it does come with complaints about frequent charging, power lock switch getting stuck, and the device being too noisy and heavy vibration.
With that being said, “Pink Power” is quite an effective electrical scissor that can be indeed a pleasure to own.

4. Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears


Blades made of AUS8A stainless steel
Blade Thickness: 3.7 – 4 mm
Finish: Matte
Unique Patented Interlock duplex fastener

What I Like

Tough Blades
The blades are made of high-quality carbon stainless steel. This assures high durability and longer cut-life of the shear.
The blades are also of distinct professional quality and standard.
Laser Sharp Blades
The blades are extremely sharp and knife-like. Working with Kai 7250 is just like sheer magic.
You can cut multiple layers of cloth effortlessly and cut yards of fabric in a breeze.
It can cut through multiple layers of grosgrain fabric and leather, like silk.
Versatile and Multi-functional
Though the blades are razor-sharp, they can be used to cut small incisions and snippets with ease.
They are multi-functional, as they can cut from vinyl, leather to fabric.
The blades function exceptionally for kitchen purposes too.
Easy Grip Handle
The handle design is so elegant and comfy. The grip is designed to offer a luxury feel.
It can be an ideal fit for almost all hand sizes. It is highly comfortable on hands and it can be a blessing for people with achy arms.
Soft Lining
The finger holes fit perfectly for almost all sizes and the plastic lining feels comfortable on the skin even on prolonged usage.
The grip of the Kai 7250 handle is pure pleasure.
No Rust
As cited earlier, the distinct feature of Kai 7250 is that they are versatile.
They can be used for kitchen purposes to cut poultry, beef, etc. I put it in dishwater, and still find no rust.

What I Dislike

Some might find Kai 7250 to be a bit expensive when compared to other brands.
Excessively sharp
The blades of the shear are excessively sharp, hence should be used with caution.
The edge of the scissor is mounted at a steep angle. This means that it can snap your fingers with just a touch.
Handle Flag
You have to be cautious about the little tab present between the handles. It can nip your hands if caught.
The blades are powerful
Easy to use
High-carbon stainless steel for durability
Perfect for all fabrics
Extremely sharp
Appealing Design
Ideal for achy arms
Bit expensive
Extremely sharp – should use with caution
Uncomfortable when cutting for long periods

Who Should buy

This could be an ideal choice for professional sewists and people involved with extensive stitching. Kai 7250 is one of the supreme pairs of sewing shears in the market.
It is made of superior carbon stainless steel, thus guaranteeing long cut-life and durability.

The blades are razor-sharp and can work on all varieties of fabric with ease. It is ideal for heavy-duty projects. It’s highly versatile and can be used for all kinds of purposes. It is also rust-proof.

Kai 7250 also goes easy on the hand and it is highly advantageous for people with arthritic hands.

5. Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge – Best Thread Nippers


Razor-sharp narrow knife-edge
Works on a broad range of yarn and thread
Secure to use
Use-friendly handle for ease of use

What I Like

Double-plated Chrome Blades
Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge is one of the very rare nippers that are crafted with double-plated chrome plate blades.
The blades are razor sharp and are rustproof.
Razorsharp Dual Blades
The nipper comes with two different blades that are designed to perform two different functions.
One is the razor-edged blade that executes the function of actual nipping. The other blade acts as a platform to hold the fabric in place, while the blade claws the threads away.
The blades are extremely sharp to snap through the fabrics with ease.
They are also designed with the unique “Spring Action Technology”, which makes the process simple and undemanding.
It is super easy to sharpen the blades. You can just dismantle them and sharpen them if required.
Works effortlessly on tough fabrics
The Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge works on all kinds of fabrics and materials including wool, denim, hemp, ropes, etc. 
It works through the toughest fabric with extreme ease and comfort. Thanks to the knife-edge blades and spring action technology.
The razor edge blade allows for smooth snipping of multiple layers of fabric and the unique bent handle design allows for smooth cutting of fabrics on the tabletop.
Uniquely designed handles
The nipper comes with a uniquely designed ergonomic handle. 
It is designed with an exclusive control mechanism that provides complete control when working with the design.
They are easy to hold and you can work for hours without any serious discomfort. They are highly durable too.

What I Dislike

Blades can be slippery:
The slick chrome plated blades are highly slippery and can slip easily when handled carelessly.
No case cover/sheath:
The biggest downside of this device is that it doesn’t come with a case cover to store the nipper when not in use.
The blades don’t come with a sheath cover or blade protector too. This can lead to accidents if handled without due caution.
Takes Time to adapt:
Working with Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge may not be a breezy task for newbies. It does take time to get yourself adapted to the mechanisms involved in the device.
It can be a real battle for the first time. But don’t lose hope.
Loose screws:
The blade screws get loosened often and you need to keep a screwdriver handy while working with the nipper.
Blades not aligned properly:
I find the blades are not aligned properly. On close inspection, you can find alignment issues that can pose a challenge when working on snipping minute threads.
No locking mechanism:
The nipper doesn’t have an inbuilt locking system to keep the device secured when not in use.
Designed with double-plated chrome plates.
Designer handle for improved grip
Razor-edged blades to ensure a smooth clip
Clips on tough fabrics effortlessly
Blades come with “Spring Action Technology”
Enabled with improved motion control
Will take time to get adapted to the device
The blades are not scratch resistant
Not lightweight

Who Should buy

The Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge would be a perfect choice for garment sewers or quilters. They can be an ideal choice for knitters or anyone who get to work extensively with threads.

It is made with high-quality chrome-plated blades and works like a charm. They are of exceptionally superior quality and are highly durable.
The blades are razor-edged and they can cut through multiple layers of tough fabrics effortlessly.

The amazing quality and sleek design can make you fall in love instantly.
Blade alignment issues, no locking mechanism, and no case cover/sheath are a sure shortfall.
It might take a couple of days to get used to the device functionality. 
But this is a worthy investment, you’re sure not to regret it.

6. Fiskars 12-71787097J Titanium Sewing Scissors – Best Ergonomic Sewing Scissors


Titanium coated blades
Spring-action mechanism
Ergonomic rubberized soft-grip handle
Awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation
Lifetime Warranty

What I Like

Spring-action Mechanism
The spring-action greatly reduces the strain on hands. The spring automatically opens after every cut.
The spring lever makes cutting easy as a breeze. You have to just press and the spring action takes care of the rest.
Super sharp Blades
The blades are reasonably sharp and can cut through most types of fabric. The blades also come with a sharp grip. The fabric doesn’t slip while cutting.
The blade design makes it ideal to cut around curves.
The handles come with an ergonomic design. The handle is provided with a safety lock to keep the blades intact when not in use.
They operate on a snapback mechanism and that makes it super convenient for people with achy arms.
The silicone lining provides more grip and comfort while working.
Elegant Design
The bright orange and white color make it attractive and easy to locate on a cluttered table.
Large Finger Holes
The scissor is furnished with a large finger hole which allows space for the entire hand and not just a few fingers.
This can be highly advantageous for people with weak hands. 

What I Dislike

Spring and Lock mechanism
The lock is placed in a highly inconvenient spot and it is difficult to operate. The lock is quite hard and it cannot be worked on with just one hand.
Opening and closing of the lock require great effort.
The spring mechanism gets loose after a few uses and the entire purpose of the device is lost pretty soon.
Blades are not super sharp
The blades are not sharp enough to work on tough fabrics. When working on multiple layers of fabrics, the blade requires more push to cut through.
When used on thick or multiple layers the blade makes uneven cuts and does not provide a smooth finish.
Low-quality Blade Guard
The scissors are provided with a blade guard which is of inferior quality. It gets broken quite easily and it is difficult to find a replacement.
Blade Design
The blades are designed with a bowed tip. So, there is a gap between the blades near the tip.
This makes it highly challenging especially when you are trying to make small cuts.
The unique designed handle for comfort.
Stainless steel blade with Titanium coating for durability.
The razor-edged blades provide a smooth cut finish.
The spring-action mechanism makes it ideal for people with arthritis.
Awarded by Arthritis Foundation for best design.
The center spring tends to get loose too soon.
Complaints about faulty design.
Blades not super sharp.
Low-quality Blade guard.
Lock-mechanism fails after a few uses.

Who Should buy

This is ideal for people with arthritis and achy arms. The high-quality stainless steel blade of Fiskars 12-71787097J makes cutting effortless and easy. 

The design is awarded the “Ease of Use Commendation” by the arthritis foundation. These scissors could be the right pick for people with arthritis and weak arms.

The spring-action mechanism makes cutting easy, however, it becomes a downside as there are many complaints and reviews that the spring gets loose after some time.
The blade design and low-quality blade guards are also a big minus that cannot be ignored.

7. Gingher Knife Edge – Best Left-Handed Shears


Nickel Blade
Double plated Chrome finish
Lengthy knife-edged blade
Unique handle with a bent design
Blade protector cover
Lifetime Warranty

What I Like

Super Sharp Blades:
The blades are extremely sharp and cut through the fabrics like a hot knife through butter.
The nickel blade glides through the fabrics effortlessly like a dream. To tell the truth, you need to be extra cautious while working with the shear since it can cut through in a flash.
The blades are sharp enough to cut through multiple layers of fabric.
The blade creates smooth, long cuts through the entire blade length.
Unique handle:
The handle is designed exclusively for the left-handers. It is crafted to provide the maximum comfort and grip for the left-handers
Easy screw adjustment:
The screw of the scissors can be easily adjusted to achieve the required tension.
You can tighten or loosen it as per the demand.
Exclusively designed for left-handers:
The scissors are designed especially for the left-handers. The blades are turned to help keep track of the cutting line. 
This is a boon for the left-handers.

What I Dislike

Too small:
The scissors are too small for heavy handers. This can be highly challenging when working for long hours.
Does not provide a smooth cut:
The short blades do not provide a fine cut finish like most other scissors.
Blades cannot be resharpened:
The short blades cannot be resharpened and this can be a serious downside of this product.
You have to replace the entire scissors if you find it loses its sharpness.
Designed exclusively for left-handers
It comes with a unique bent handle for easy use
Sharp nickel blades for the perfect cut
Double plated chrome finish for durability
Might be heavy for some
The plastic guard is of inferior quality

Who Should buy

The Gingher Knife Edge Left-Handed Dressmaker’s Shears is exclusively crafted for the left-handers.

The blades are made with nickel and have a double chrome finish for longevity of the shear. The handles are designed to provide maximum comfort. The bulkier design and the inferior quality plastic case is a sure downside.

It is one of the best scissors crafted uniquely for the left-handers.

8. Singer 8.5-Inch Pro Series Scissors


Two dwarf blades
Soft-grip handles lined with rubber
Designed exclusively for cutting minute details
Power notch at the center to cut metal wires
Blades are toughened and grounded for longevity
8.5 inches powerful bent scissors
Lifetime Guarantee

What I Like

Super Sharp Blades
The blades are extremely sharp and cut through the fabrics like a hot knife through butter.
The nickel blade glides through the fabrics effortlessly like a dream. To tell the truth, you need to be extra cautious while working with the shear since it can cut through in a flash.
The blades are sharp enough to cut through multiple layers of fabric.
The blade creates smooth, long cuts through the entire blade length.
Unique handle
The handle is designed exclusively for the left-handers. It is crafted to provide the maximum comfort and grip for the left-handers
Easy screw adjustment
The screw of the scissors can be easily adjusted to achieve the required tension.
You can tighten or loosen it as per the demand.
Exclusively designed for left-handers
The scissors are designed especially for the left-handers. The blades are turned to help keep track of the cutting line. 
This is a boon for the left-handers.

What I Dislike

The scissors are heavy and can be taxing on the wrists and hands while working on for long hours.
This can be the wrong choice for people with arthritis and weak hands.
However, the heavyweight can get advantageous because the sturdiness of the scissor can help cut through with minimal effort.

Inferior Quality Plastic Guard
The plastic blade guard provided is of inferior quality. The blades don’t fit in perfectly too.
A multi-functional scissors
Ideal to work on tough fabrics
Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
Finest stainless steel blades for durability
Provides complete control while cutting
Value for money
Short blades to work on minute details
Too small for heavy handers
Doesn’t provide a smooth cut finish
Blades can’t be resharpened.

Who Should buy

People who like to work on minute details and work on crafts requiring to cut metal wires and threads can grab this one. The Singer 8.5-Inch Pro Series Scissors allow you to cut through any tough material with complete control and preciseness.

The padded handles offer perfect grip and comfort to work on for long hours. The unique top-notch feature is a real advantage for people working on crafts. The lifetime warranty is yet another benefit. The small size and lack of smooth cut finish is an issue to work with.

Overall, this is highly efficient scissors with a reasonable price tag.
I’m Jessica, mother of two and passionate seamstress. From a very young age, I’ve cultivated a passion for the creative arts, from drawing, sewing and now quilting. I saw it as a way to escape, to create, and above all, to please by offering my creations around me. The desire to pass on this passion has become more and more important, this is why I’m sharing my experience and my knowledge online.
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