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June 5, 2023
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7 Best Sewing Machine Oil

A sewing machine consists of many mechanical parts in constant motion while at work—this motion results in rubbing and friction, which can eventually lead to wear and tear. Sewing machine oil will keep your sewing machine running smoothly for a long time. While it may seem unimportant, the sewing machine oil you use is crucial. 

Don’t worry; I’m here to help. In this post, I am going to review the best sewing machine oil on the market today. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Lily White Sewing Machine Oil

Who Should buy

Anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced and efficient sewing oil can go for this one. The Lily-white is a low viscous oil that is relatively easy to apply. It can provide the maximum lubrication with less time and energy.

It also does not stain the fabric, and it is completely odorless. The sewing oil is highly versatile. You can use the sewing oil on all types of sergers, embroidery devices, and any other mechanical parts.

The only downsides of this sewing oil are its insufficient packaging and lack of an applicator.

The oil is at a reasonable price for a gallon – A real value for money.
Low-density oil for high-speed machine
Reasonably priced one-gallon container
An excellent choice for beginners
Transparent lubricant
Multi-purpose machine oil
Superior quality
Does not stain even on direct contact
Ideal for industrial machines too
Frequent package leaks during shipping
You will need an additional dropper for application.
Inferior-quality container

What I Like

Low Viscosity
The Lily White sewing oil is a low viscous oil, which means the engine will need to consume less energy to circulate it.
This feature will help save energy and time. It also guarantees the maximum lubrication with less time and power in each use.
Highly versatile
The Lily-white can be used on all models of sergers, embroidery, and crochet machines. 
It can also be applied to textile machinery or any other mechanical part that requires lubrication.
Works against Friction and oxidation
The Lily-white oil is its low viscosity, making it an ideal choice to fight against friction and rust.
The oil is less dense and can quickly spread across all the minor parts and protect the device against oxidation and friction.
Does not stain the fabric
The Lily-white oil is colorless. The oil is designed not to cause stain though it comes in direct contact with any fabric.
The oil may be applied without any fear of staining the fabric.
Apart from being colorless, the sewing oil is also odorless. You need not worry about any nasty smell after oiling the sewing machine.
Nobody can even guess you have just oiled your sewer.

What I Dislike

Leakage during shipping
The real downside of this otherwise great oil lies in its packaging. The oil comes in an inferior quality container, which frequently leaks during shipping.
The leakage can be inconvenient, as it will result in mess and product loss.
Need an additional applicator
The Lily-white does not come with any separate applicator. You have to purchase an applicator to apply the oil onto the device.

2. Diamond White Machine Oil

Who Should buy

The Diamond White is the right pick for anyone looking for a reasonably priced high-quality sewing oil. It is a low viscous, superior quality machine oil. It is highly versatile and multi-functional.

The oil designed for industrial textile machines can be ideal for home sewers and other devices that require lubrication.
People who prefer products made in the US can pick this one.
It doesn’t come with an ideal applicator, which is a drawback, worthy due to being ignored considering the high quality.

Want a high-quality machine oil at a steal? Then, this is your deal.
Reasonably priced
Highly versatile and multi-functional
Doesn’t stain fabrics
Low-viscous oil
Only comes in a large bottle 
No applicator tip 

What I Like

The Diamond White Machine Oil is highly versatile. Though designed for industrial purposes, it can be used for home purpose sewers as well.
It can work on any mechanical part that requires lubrication.
Low-viscous oil
The Diamond White is low viscous oil. Due to its less dense nature, it can spread instantly on the application, almost like water.
Since it can spread quickly, it can offer the best possible lubrication in less time likely. It can cover even minor parts with ease.
Reasonably Priced
The Diamond White comes at a reasonable price. It comes in a gallon, which can be a real money-saver.
Though designed for industrial purposes, it is still an affordable option for home sewers.

What I Dislike

No Applicator
The Diamond White does not come with an applicator. It comes in a one-gallon container that will not be convenient to apply the oil to the machine.
You need to get a separate applicator to apply the oil to the device.

3. Juki Defrix Sewing Machine Oil

Who Should buy

This professional-grade oil can be an ideal choice for people who have professional textile machinery and more concerned about quality over price.
The Juki Defrix Sewing Machine Oil is a superior quality oil created by the renowned Juki brand. Though created for industrial machine usage, this oil performs well on all machines and all brands too.

The oil comes in a 600ml bottle. It is clear, odorless, lightweight, and non-sticky. The sewing oil is safe to use and doesn’t stain the fabrics.

Poor package design and the price might seem a downside for some. Nevertheless, the quality and the brand is worth considering where excellence and performance are of utmost importance.
Lightweight and safe on fabrics
Ideal for industrial machines
Suitable for Juki machines
Works on other brand machines, too
Non-sticky oil
Only comes in a large bottle 
No applicator tip 

What I Like

The Juki Defrix Sewing Machine Oil is one of Juki’s premium products, a global maker of superior quality industrial textile machines, sergers, and home sewers.
Juki is a Japanese brand established since 1940 and is known for its high-quality equipment and products.
Superior quality
The Juki Sewing oil is of superior quality and is non-sticky. Juki considers this as the Rolls Royce of sewing machine oil.
The sewing oil has low viscosity and hence provides the maximum lubrication. It is non-detergent, odorless, and is free from any harmful chemicals.
Multifunctional and versatile
The Juki Defrix Sewing Machine Oil, though created for the Juki textile machinery, still works great on any home sewers.
It works exceptionally well on any brand sewers and on any machine that requires lubrication.
Safe on fabrics
The Juki sewing oil is non-sticky and lightweight. It doesn’t create any stains on fabrics, even with direct exposure.
With Juki sewing oil, there are no worries about staining.

What I Dislike

Poor Packaging
The Juki sewing oil comes in a container that is pretty difficult to operate. It is difficult to open the packaging and get the oil out.
The Juki is a high-class oil just like their sewing machines. This makes Juki Oil more expensive than other options on the market. I recommend this option for industrial or commercial uses due to its efficiency. 

4. Singer Oil For All Purposes

Who Should buy

This oil is best for someone looking to oil different machines. 

You can oil your other appliances and still be sure that you will receive a high-quality oil for your sewing machine as well. 
Can be used for sewing machine and other appliances
Superior quality, low viscous oil
Ensures protection against friction and rust
Not long-lasting
Shorter spout and Nozzle

What I Like

Multi-functional oil
The Singer All-Purpose oil can be used to oil any steel parts. It can be used on sewers as well as on any other household appliances that require lubrication.
High-Quality Low Viscous oil
The Singer all-purpose oil is a low viscous oil which is capable of spreading on even minute parts with ease.
This ensures optimum lubrication in less possible time.
Preservation against Friction and Rust
Any mechanical steel part will require optimum levels of lubrication for ideal performance. In the absence of proper lubrication, issues like friction, rust, and oxidation are prone to occur.
Improper lubrication is one of the primary reasons for a machine’s wear and tear.
The Singer oil will ensure your sewer will get the ideal level of lubrication and perform at its best for a longer time.
The reputation of the Singer brand obviously backs the Singer oil. Singer needs no introduction, and they are leaders when it comes to sewing devices.
This oil can work equally great on even older sewing machines.
Easy to use applicator
The Singer oil comes with an easy-to-use squeeze applicator. There is no need to purchase a separate applicator.
Just open the nozzle, and you’re good to go.

What I Dislike

Shorter Spout and Nozzle
The Singer oil has a safety cap and a ¼ inch spout. This spout length can work great on sewers; nevertheless, the spout can be a challenge when using other appliances that can have pretty hard to reach areas.
Doesn’t last longer
The Singer oil comes in just 2.39 ounces. This quantity does not last long.
Some might feel this is slightly on the pricier side, considering the quantity that it comes in.

5. Liquid Bearings Sewing Machine Oil

Who Should buy

This can be the best pick for people who prefer to work on synthetic oil and who are looking out for oil for more than one purpose.
The Liquid Bearings oil is a pure synthetic oil that is highly efficient and multi-functional.

The oil is ideal for not just lubrication but also in prevention of rusting and corrosion. The oil also does not gum, which is yet another striking feature.
The container is provided with a three-needle applicator to use according to the need and requirement.

The staining and odor are severe drawbacks of synthetic oils, but it is an undisputed fact that synthetic oils are more capable of protecting the parts of the devices than their mineral counterparts.
High-quality synthetic oil
Doesn’t cause gumming of oil
Comes with a leak control system
Provided with 3 different sized applicator tips 
Comes with a leak control system
Works efficiently at lower speeds
Causes stains and has an odor
Too small a spout
Comes in a small bottle 

What I Like

The Liquid Bearings oil is not just a lubricant. It also works effectively in preventing rust and thus corrosion.
It’s multi-purpose in function. With this oil, you can feel confident of not just lubrication, and be assured of protection against rust and corrosion of your sewer.
Leakage Control System
The oil comes in a container provided with three different dispensing needles (½ , 1-½, and three-inch needles). 
What’s special about the needles is that it can be locked with just a turn. Oiling the sewer is as easy as one, two, three. 
Just pick a needle, like the smallest one for the finest crevices, just turn it on and you are good to go.
Once through with the oiling, just turn it off and not worry about any leakage.
Oil does not gum
The Liquid bearings oil does not gum and hence there is no fear of malfunctioning or damage to the sewer.
Works at low speed
The oil just works extremely efficiently at even slow speed.

What I Dislike

Causes stain and has odor
The Liquid bearings oil does cause mild stain if it comes in direct contact with the fabric. The oil also comes with a slight pungent odor.
Insufficient quantity
The oil comes in a very minimal quantity of just 2 ounces. It doesn’t come in any other quantity. At times this can be a bummer, especially for those who do it regularly.

6. Stainless Sewing Machine Oil

Who Should buy

This is suitable for people who are looking out for a cost-efficient sewing oil which is non-toxic. 

The stainless sewing machine oil is highly effective and non-toxic. It provides real value for money and it works well on all brands.

This sewing oil can be the best pick for people looking for a cost-effective and multi-functional oil that can work across all brands.
Real value for money
Exclusively designed for sewers
Compatible with all brands
Large applicator tip can make it hard to apply to small areas
Expensive compared to other brands

What I Like

Value for money
The stainless sewing machine oil is highly efficient and reasonably priced. The quantity and the performance that comes with this oil makes it a real steal for the price.
The sewing oil is safe and completely non-toxic. It does not contain any toxic ingredients and is safe for pets and children.
Brand compatibility
The stainless sewing oil works fine on all brand sewers.

What I Dislike

This oil performs exceptionally well. There are not many issues with it other than the large applicator tip. 
If you are not careful you can end up making a mess or using more than you need. 
Other than than it performs well and does not have an odor. 

7. Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler

Who Should buy

This could be the ideal choice for people who are looking for a mineral oil lubricant that is affordable, multi-functional, and appropriate for everyday use.

The Zoom Spout Oil is a premium quality mineral oil that is affordable and efficient. It is a clear and transparent sewing oil that is safe and can be conveniently used without fear of stain on fabrics.
The Zoom Spout oil’s major advantage is its “Non-Gumming” property that gives it an edge over the other lubricating oils.

The poor packaging and the extra-long spout can be a dumper for some. Having said this, the Zoom Oil is the “Best Budget Pick” that one can go for.
Lubricating oil that fights rust and oxidation
Highly affordable
Seven-inch long spout
Works great even at high temperatures
Consistent performance
Recommended by experts
Ideal for both casual and industrial purposes
Leaks on and off
Spout is too long and challenging to handle
Oil dispenses slowly

What I Like

Superior quality mineral quality
The mineral oil is of premium quality and is free from any detergents. The superior quality ensures that the oil is non-gumming and flows smoothly through all parts of the sewer.
The oil performs efficiently at even higher temperatures. So, you can jump to a quick oiling session even while working on your sewer.
Efficient Lubrication
The Zoom Spout oil is highly lubricating to its superior quality and low viscous nature. The oil performs consistently and is pretty free flowing.
It ensures that even the minute parts are sufficiently lubricated, thus preventing rust, friction, and oxidation.
It can be conveniently used for everyday maintenance of any device.
Transparent oil
The zoom spout oil is clear and transparent making it an even safer bet to work on. There is no fear of fabric staining as it is a clear oil and it can be easily removed.
No-gumming property
Gumming is a phenomenon that happens with most lubricating oils. 
When a machine performs at an excessive speed and there is little to no oil left for lubrication, the remaining negligible amount of oils tend to gum together and create micro-oil residues. 
This happens with a lot of lubricating oils and it is one of the major adverse reactions of non-maintenance of any mechanical device. It can lead to even malfunctioning of the sewer.
The main highlight of Zoom Spout oil is that it is non-gumming and hence extremely safe to use on your sewer.
Telescopic spout
The Zoom Spout oil comes with a seven-inch long spout. The long nozzle makes it super easy to reach deep areas and crevices.
It is also advantageous to pour oil in the required quantity and prevent excessive oiling of the sewer.

What I Dislike

Leakage issues
On and off the Zoom spout container suffers from leakage and spillage. The plug on the spout doesn’t stay tight and comes off with even a slightest pressure.
This can be really annoying and should be handled with caution to prevent accidental leakages.
Spout too long
The spout is seven inches long and can be extremely disadvantageous, especially when working on huge machines. Not completely user-friendly.
I’m Jessica, mother of two and passionate seamstress. From a very young age, I’ve cultivated a passion for the creative arts, from drawing, sewing and now quilting. I saw it as a way to escape, to create, and above all, to please by offering my creations around me. The desire to pass on this passion has become more and more important, this is why I’m sharing my experience and my knowledge online.
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Jessica QuiltNCo


I am a passionate Quilter.
This means that I actually enjoy chopping up perfectly good fabric into little teeny tiny pieces and then sewing them all right back together again…
Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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