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Best Serger Machines For All Skill Levels
Jessica QuiltNCo
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April 6, 2023
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Best Serger Machines For All Skill Levels

Best serger overall
Brother Serger, 1034DX
Durable Metal frame Overlock Machine 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, 3 Accessory Feet and Protective Cover Included
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best HEAVY duty serger
Brother ST4031HD Serger
Strong & Tough Serger, 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Durable Metal Frame Overlock Machine, Large Extension Table, 3 Included Accessory Feet
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best portable serger
JUKI MO600N Series
MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine, 2/3/4 Thread serger with automatic rolled hem, White
Buy at Amazon.com

Sergers are often an overlooked machine during sewing. They don’t only perform the useful cover stitch. They can also make you more efficient and give your project a clean, professional finish. 

But, they can be intimidating due to the multiple thread options and their different shape. Don’t worry; I’m here to eliminate the confusion. 

In this post, I’m going to review the best serger on the market today. After reading this post will have no issue deciding on which serger you should purchase. 

Let’s get started. 💗

1. Brother 1034D – Best Overall


Weight: 16.4 Pounds
Speed: 1,300 SPM
Dimensions: 13 x 15.25 x 14.5 inches

What I Like

What I like most about the Brother 1034D is how it is built for everyone.
Beginners and experienced sewers can use this machine with no problem.
Although it has many functions that are designed for beginners, it is jam-packed with powerful features.

For example, it has a differential fabric feed, adjustable stitch width, and reached up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

On the other hand, it is easy to thread, easy to adjust tension, removable free arm, and uses standard sewing needles, perfect for beginners.
Another great thing about this machine is that it won’t break the bank.
For all the features you get, it is reasonably priced.

What I Dislike

I dislike this machine because of the lack of specific stitch options that are often included in other serger machines.

This machine can not create chain or cover stitches.
It’s important to note that this machine is not sturdy. This serger machine is mostly plastic.
At higher stitch speeds, the machine can start shaking.

Another thing I dislike is the left-handed buttons for certain features. While most machines come naturally as with most buttons and functions on the right side, the Brother 1034D has them on the left side.
Three or Four Thread Options. 
Affordable for the quality.
Color Coding Thread makes it easy for beginners.
Adjustable Pressure Foot.
Easy To use – tension and threading.
Limited Stitch Options – lacks chain or cover stitch.
Left Handed operation for some controls. 
Incandescent light. 
Some complaints regarding performance with thick materials.

Who Should buy

The Brother 1034D is a perfect machine for most people. Beginners and experienced sewers will be happy with this machine.

This is also a preferred serger machine for the home hobbyist or those professionals who don’t use it often.

If this is a machine you use daily for extended periods, there higher quality options available.
This is also a great option if you are looking to upgrade from your sewing machine without breaking the bank.

This machine provides high-quality features at a reasonable price.

2. Brother ST4031HD – Best Heavy Duty Serger


Weight: 17.64 Pounds
Speed: 1,300 SPM
Dimensions: 12.99 x 14.37 x 17.01 inches

What I Like

What I like the most about this machine is the heavy-duty build. It has a full-metal frame and is built to last.

Even at the highest speed setting, you don’t have to worry about any shaking.
I also like that it comes with five different stitch options, and it is straightforward to change your stitch of choice.

The dial is placed conveniently right in front of the right hand, making it easy to adjust the stitch setting.
Another thing I like that most serger machines do not offer is the extended workspace area.

What I Dislike

One of my major issues with this serger is that it does not operate with less than three threads.
This is an issue if you are running low on thread or looking for a particular design.
Other machines are capable of threading with two threads, which allows for more flexibility.

I also dislike that thinner, light-weight thread tends to break very fast on this machine, particularly at high speeds.

Using this machine, you will likely need to use a thicker thread to stop it from breaking.
Three or Four Thread Options. 
Differential and Width adjustment settings
Large work areas with an extended table
Heavy Duty – all-metal frame
5 Different stitch options
Weaker elastic thread tends to rip, primarily when operating a full speed
It cannot function with less than three threads.
The machine is on the smaller side.

Who Should buy

This is a great purchase if you are looking for a serger machine that is as durable as industrial level machines with the ease of using an at-home machine.

The Brother ST4031HD is a versatile machine that will allow you to complete a variety of tasks.
Ideal for people looking to sew with three to four threads.
Best Portable Serger Machine


Dimensions: 10.6 x 13.6 x 11.6 inches
Weight: 15.18 Pounds
Speed: 1,500 SPM (Stitch Per Minute)
Under $400
intermediate level
What I Like
Juki is known for its high quality and easy to use devices, and this machine is no different.
This is a perfect choice for people who are limited on space but still want a high-quality serger machine.

Likewise, this is also a great option if you travel with your serger machine often.
The compact and lightweight design is much better than other models on the market.
Read the full Juki MO654DE review here.
Compact and portable design.
Automatic shut-off safety features.
Easy to operate.
Versatile presser foot.
The thread does not always stay hooked.
Limited stitch options.
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4. Singer 14CG754 – Budget Pick


Weight: 13.5 Pounds
Speed: 1,300 SPM
Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 11.5 inches

What I Like

What I like the most about this serger machine is that it comes with 22 different stitch options.
This gives you the ability to do a variety of jobs with this single machine.

Another thing I like is that you can easily adjust the stitch width. This is a feature often limited on other models. It also comes with three different hemming options.

This machine is extremely versatile due to the increased customization that most machines do not offer. It also offers intermediate-level features in a compact frame.

What I Dislike

The biggest issue I have with the machine is that although it comes with advanced features, it does require an intermediate skill level to operate this machine. Beginners will have a hard time using this machine.

Another downside of this machine is that it is noisy even when operating at lower speeds.
This can take some time to get used to.

Another complaint is that thicker materials tend to get caught on the pressure foot.
This can be a time-consuming process to unhook it from the pressure foot.
Inexpensive – under $300.
High-Speed sewing – 1,300 stitches per minute.
Has instructional video.
Comes with a free arm.
The machine tends to overheat often.
Mostly plastic.
Snags often at high speeds.

Who Should buy

This is a great machine if you are a sewer looking to upgrade your beginner level machine to achieve professional-level results.

You can also buy this machine if you are starting a new sewing company and want high-quality results.

Also great if you have limited space but don’t want to forgo their ability to achieve high-quality results.

5. Juki MO735 – Best Quiet Serger


Weight: 23.1 Pounds
Speed: 1,500 SPM
Dimensions: 14.7 x 15.3 x 16.2 inches

What I Like

This is one of the best Sergers on the market. It is full of great features that help you produce high-quality stitches. It offers 24 different stitch options, which is more than many other sergers on the market.

It also allows you to sew using between 2 and 4 threads. Many other lower models only allow you to use 3 and 4 threads.

Another thing I like is how high you can lift the presser foot. It lifts extremely high, which is perfect for thick materials.This will allow you to sew multiple layers with no problem.

What I Dislike

The main issues come down to the price. This is not a cheap serger machine, so be ready to invest. If you buy this machine, you should have some experience using a serger or sewing. Since you will pay nearly $1,000 is best to get full use of the features that this machine offers. 

Similar to price, as a beginner, this machine is overwhelming. If you do take on this serger as a beginner, there will be a steep learning curve. The benefit is that if you buy this serger, it will likely be the only serger you ever have to buy even if you expand your skillset and due to the durability of the Juki brand.  
24 Stitch options make it versatile 
2-4 thread options
Color coding makes for easy threading
Easy performance on thick materials
Very fast – 1,500 stitches per minute
Limited Stitch Options
Left Handed operation for some controls.  
Small workspace

Who Should buy

This is a great serger machine for people looking for a high-quality serger machine that will not disappoint.

The Juki delivers quality results and is durable so you know it’s going to last.

Not to mention it is equipped with all the bells and whistles most intermediate to advanced sewers need to complete their projects.
Best For Professionals

6. Singer Professional 14T968DC

Dimensions: 13.5 x 10.5 x 11.5 inches
Weight: 20 Pounds
Speed: 1,300 SPM (Stitch Per Minute)
Under $750
advanced level
What I Like
The Singer Professional 14T968DC Sewing Machine is the ultimate Serger machine with everything a professional sewer needs. It comes with several features that are rare among other serger machines.

First, it allows for between 5 and 2 thread options. It is very rare to find other serger machines that offer 5 thread options. In addition, it also includes a coverstitch function that allows it to produce several cover stitches.
It also has automatic tension control which means settings up is much faster than with other serger machines.

Finally, it’s a great value purchase. Although it has professional level features it’s not going to break the bank. In fact, many other sergers with less features are more expensive. Read the full Singer Professional 14T968DC Sewing Machine review here.
High sewing speed
Works through thick fabrics with ease
Runs effortlessly
Efficient automatic needle threader
Ideal for beginners and professionals
The foot pedal is challenging to work with
Considerable plastic is used in the machine body
Thread tension cannot be modified effortlessly
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I’m Jessica, mother of two and passionate seamstress. From a very young age, I’ve cultivated a passion for the creative arts, from drawing, sewing and now quilting. I saw it as a way to escape, to create, and above all, to please by offering my creations around me. The desire to pass on this passion has become more and more important, this is why I’m sharing my experience and my knowledge online.
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I am a passionate Quilter.
This means that I actually enjoy chopping up perfectly good fabric into little teeny tiny pieces and then sewing them all right back together again…
Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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