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February 14, 2023
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Best Embroidery Software For All Skill Levels

Best for lettering
Embrilliance AlphaTricks Embroidery Software
Buy at Amazon.com
best for beginners
Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 1
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best for professional
Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 3
Buy at Amazon.com

With the modern-day sewing machine,  you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create unique embroidery designs. With a touch of a button, you can personalize every piece of your craft and add your unique style to your work.

In this post, we’ll go over the best embroidery software to help you convert any image and pattern to a unique embroidered design.

1. Embrilliance AlphaTricks Embroidery Software


Operating System: Mac or a Windows 10
Merge existing designs
1 block font
Import Functionality 
Shortcut buttons
Unlimited monograms and embroidery designs 
Colorize any embroidery design 
Sewing order control
Print templates and color sequence pages 
Format Conversion 

What I Like

Ideal for lettering requirement:
Adding letters to your design can be a breeze with the Alpha Tricks. Getting your letters to overlap or achieving the right spacing between characters is super easy with the software.
You have tons of fonts to provide you with limitless design options. You can even import unique alphabet designs from the alphabet designer, and you will find them in Alpha Tricks instantly.
Compatible with MAC and PC
Most software doesn’t come compatible with MAC right out of the box. But the Embrilliance allows you to download and install right out of the box. If you’re a MAC user and you’re tired of having to use additional software to use your embroidery software then this is a great option. 

What I Dislike

Limited Features 
This software is best used when you are dealing with font. Outside of applying fonts this software is not very powerful. If you are looking for a software that is more universal it’s best that you opt for a different option. 
Difficult To Learn 
Alpha Tricks is not an easy software to learn. If you haven’t used embroidery software before then you can expect a steep learning curve when using the software. The software is powerful but the outdated and difficult user-interface make challenging to manage. 
Compatible with both Mac and PC
Loads of built-in fonts
You can import alphabet design from the alphabet designer
Font size cannot be modified
Not User-friendly

Who Should buy

If you’re looking for exclusive software for lettering purposes, then this could be your best pick.
The software supports both Mac and PC. You can even easily add in .bx files to your software.
It comes with loads of features including, monograms, Italic fonts, spiral/circle text, multi-line text, and font resizing with stitch recalculation.
It can be ideal for expert sewists and for beginners willing to go through the learning curve.

2. Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1


Operating System: Mac or PC
Applique designs
Running stitch designs
Filled shapes
Unifying elements
Three-point arc tool.
200+ outlines
15+ Fill Patterns
50+ Emboss patterns
150+ Motifs

What I Like

Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1 is designed for beginners who are just starting out on their hobby into embroidery. The software comes with just a limited number of stitches to make it easy and straightforward.
Level 1 comprises running stitch built designs, exclusive applique designs, basic fill shapes, and basic background options.
Simple and easy editing
Editing comes super easy and straightforward in Stitch Artist Level 1 with  instant stitch generation, multiple display options, and one single mode. 
Instant stitch generation helps you to see rapid results of your edit.Multiple Display helps you view your design in stitch, line art and 3D preview mode.One single mode comprises all basic functions including sizing, rotating, coloring, editing, and adjusting.
Reasonably priced
The Stitch Artist is budget-friendly and a great option for beginners who are looking for a less expensive and easy to use software.

What I Dislike

No built-in Digitization
The software does not come with a digitization function to help view images post editing and designing.
You can’t see how the image looks on your screen before actually working on it.
Fewer stitch options
The Stitch Artist Level 1 comes with very few stitch options to make it simple and hassle-free for beginners.
However, it can be too basic for intermediate and expert sewists.
Easy creation of applique objects
Effortless design editing and reworking
Instantaneous stitch generation
Built-in text tools
Can be used in combination with other Embrilliance software to enhance features
Steep Learning Curve
Level 1 is too basic and simple
No multiple modes available

Who Should buy

The Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1 is the right pick of beginners who are looking for a less complicated software which is simple and straightforward to use.
The software comes with a limited number of stitch options and straightforward features. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s a highly efficient software which can do the magic as a standalone product or can be used in conjunction with other embrilliance products. It’s worth a try, especially for beginners.

3. Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 3


Operating System: Mac or PC
Custom envelope creation
Custom text baselines
200+ outlines that can be used in any stitch type, including applique.
150+ Motifs for run and fill
50+ Emboss patterns
15+ Fill Patterns
Automated Branching
Auto-Outline Stitches
Inflate / Deflate
Reconstruct Outlines
Path Operations: CUT, AND, Flatten and UNION
Import .EMF/.WMF and some .ai files
Export as vector: .svg, .studio, .fcm
Delayed Generation
Settable default point input
Toggle Auto-Scroll
Extensive file publishing options for design creators and sellers
Create and publish your own scalable, object-based fonts for personal use or resale, complete with rights management.

What I Like

Powerful and loaded with features
This software comes loaded with features and built-in functions that make it easy to use. With plenty of motifs, outlines, and patterns, it eliminates the need to start designs from scratch. 
Advanced tools:
The program has advanced design tools, including Carving lines, Styles, Eyelet Tool, and Quickstyles. It also comes with graphical operators like Inflate/Deflate, Flatten, Cut, Break, Re-construct, and Union.
Works on both Mac and PC
The software is available in both PC and Mac friendly versions. Both the versions are available on the website, and you can download according to your requirement.

What I Dislike

Not beginner-friendly
The Stitch Artist Level 3 has advanced features and can be pretty tough for beginners to work on. It includes Level 1 and 2 features besides the advanced features it encompasses.
It does not come with a detailed manual and does not have sufficient online tutorials. Beginners may start with Level 1 and 2 before moving into Level 3.
Perfect for the advanced intermediate users
Easy to use features
Compatible with both Mac and PC
Designs can be easily customized
Switching between functions are super easy
Generates stitches instantly
Steep Learning Curve
user-interface is outdated 

Who Should buy

The Stitch artist Level 3 is for professional embroiderers. The software is power-packed with advanced design tools and features.
You can create your own custom designs from scratch or you can use built-in designs.
However, the software is not an auto-digitized program. It provides the advanced tools you will need to edit your designs. You will need a level of expertise to make the most of the tools provided in the software.


Analyzing your needs and requirements in conjunction with the software’s features and functionality is vital before deciding on your software.

If you are just an embroidery hobbyist, you can look at “Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1” and if you are looking for a software for professional embroiders, then you can go for the “Embrilliance Artist Level 3”. If you are looking for software exclusively for Lettering then “Embrilliance Alpha Tricks” can be all you need.

I’m Jessica, mother of two and passionate seamstress. From a very young age, I’ve cultivated a passion for the creative arts, from drawing, sewing and now quilting. I saw it as a way to escape, to create, and above all, to please by offering my creations around me. The desire to pass on this passion has become more and more important, this is why I’m sharing my experience and my knowledge online.
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I am a passionate Quilter.
This means that I actually enjoy chopping up perfectly good fabric into little teeny tiny pieces and then sewing them all right back together again…
Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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