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February 14, 2023
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7 Best Embroidery Machine For Hats in 2023

Best for beginners
Brother Embroidery Machine, PE770
Built-in Memory, USB Port, 6 Lettering Fonts, 136 Built-in Designs
Buy at Amazon.com
best FOR experienced users
Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
138 Designs, 240 Built-in Stitches, Computerized, 5″ x 7″ Hoop Area, 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display…
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best for experts
Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine
Full Color Touchscreen, On-screen editing functions, Automatic Thread Cutter…
Buy at Amazon.com
Are you looking for the best embroidery machine for hats?  You’re in the right place! In this article, we will go over the top 8 embroidery machines for hats to make your life as easy as possible. 

Let’s dive in! 🤠

1. Brother PE770 – Best For Beginners


Weight: 28 Pounds
Dimensions:  21.3 x 16.8 x 17.3 inches
Speed: 650 SPM
Built-in stitches: 136
Fonts: 6


120 frame pattern combinations
Touch screen display 
Quick-set bobbin
5″ x 7″ LCD Screen 
Built-in memory
Automatic height adjuster 
430 built-in sewing stitches 
Automatic needle threader
USB port
iBroidery.com compatible 
Heavy duty embroidery arm 

What I Like

Compared to other embroidery machines this model is significantly cheaper. 
The features included with this model typically cost nearly $1,000. With this model you get the same features for nearly half the price. 
Large Embroidery Area 
This machine has a large 5” x 7” embroidery area gives you plenty of space to worry. With this large area you can easily embroider the hats and added any designs you need with ease. 
Built-in Memory
The built in memory is a great feature for adding designs to hats. With this feature you can easily apply the same design to hats over and over without them looking different. 
This is a great feature if you are adding designs to lots of hats or if you are going to be working on different days. You can pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat. 
Editing Capabilites
Another thing that I really like about this machine it the editing capabilities it offers right on the LCD screen. 
On the LCD screen you can rotate, adjust design size, and mirror the image very easily. 
These are great functions to have when working with hats. This will allow you to adjust your design without the need to pull out your computer or buy a fancy embroidery software. 

What I Dislike

Quality and Build 
Overall this machine is not very durable or solid. While it does not break easily, given the price I would expect stronger materials used during the construction.
After a while, the machine display showcased a glitch but finding a dealer to fix the issue is sometimes not an easy task. This is a major downside because it can totally stop your work if you are using the LCD screen for adjustments. 
Bobbin Winding
At first, the bobbin winding works fine, but after a couple of tries, the thread starts to wind around the adjutant post rather than the bobbin. 
This is a problem that can ruin the entire process as you are working. It is also tedious and time consuming which can have a big impact on your productivity if it happens several times in one day. 
A multi-functional machine for sewing and embroidery
Vast amount of built in functions: sewing stitches, embroidery styles, frames, and fonts for monogramming and buttonhole designs
Has eight varying sewing feet
LCD screen allows to modify designs before there fabrication
Can effortlessly import designs to bring more innovation
An extensive range of internal design
Steep learning curve
Needle threader has some issues 

Who Should buy

This embroidery machine is best for individuals at home looking to invest in an affordable partner with powerful features. 

While this model is inexpensive it includes all the features you need to embroider your hats all at your sewing table. 

No need to pull out your computer or use fancy software to make adjustments. 

2.Brother SE1900 – Best For Experienced Users


Weight: 22 Pounds
Dimensions: 23.19 x 13.43 x 11.54 inches
Speed: 850 SPM
Built-in stitches: 240
Fonts: 6


5″ x 7″ embroidery field for larger designs and lettering
Design your custom sewing stitches with “My Custom Stitch” feature
Built-in memory for importing embroidery designs
Large color touch LCD screen enables you to view your designs in color
138 built-in designs
Design combination capability
8 sewing feet included
Automatic reinforcement setting

What I Like

Excellent Combination of Sewing and Embroidery 
This machine is an excellent combination of two main operations. It can be used for embroidery and sewing flawlessly. 
An Extensive Work Area
The Brother SE1900 has a relatively big work area to make embroidery and sewing more convenient. This fantastic machine gives you a 5”x 7” (more generous than other usual sizes) area for embroidery so that you can accomplish big projects such as bedsheets. 
Different Incorporated Designs and Stitches
This combo machine offers you internal designs and stitches for embroidery and sewing. 
It comes to embroidery functionality, it provides you with 138 incorporated designs. You can select any design from this built-in selection.  
For sewing, you’ll have 240 incorporated stitches that you can choose according to your preference. 
A Set of Fonts for Monogramming
For monogramming, the machine comes up with various fonts that include seven English, three Japanese, and one Cyrillic. 
The SE1900 also gives the option for hat embroidery, but for this, you need to buy an additional hat hoop. 
Well-Lit Work Area
This machine has an internal LED to help users work smoothly. It allows you to work and avoid eye strain when working on dark areas, dark fabrics or tiny details. 
Designed with LCD Touch Screen Display
The Brother SE1900 is equipped with a functional LCD touchscreen that allows you to preview and modify embroidery designs before fabricating it.  
USB Connectivity
The Brother SE1900’s USB connectivity allows users to be inspired by designs online.

What I Dislike

This machine is pretty expensive compared to its competitors. That said, I highly recommend it if you can afford it.
It’s a great investment because it has all the features, it’s high-quality and it’s durable. 
A Bit Technical for Some Users
If you don’t have any prior experience of working on digitized or computerized machines, then you may need to put some extra effort to learn to use  it. 
Not Efficient on Thick Fabrics
This machine is not the greatest when it comes to thick fabrics such as quilts. 
Bobbin and Needle Issues
Some users have reported that the machine’s bobbin tend to get stuck while your sewing. This can be frustrating as you’ll need to stop your work  to unscrew the bobbin. You may also face frequent needle breakages while working on thick fabrics. 
A multi-functional machine for sewing and embroidery
Vast amount of built in functions: sewing stitches, embroidery styles, frames, and fonts for monogramming and buttonhole designs
LCD screen allows to modify designs before there fabrication
Can effortlessly import designs to bring more innovation
An extensive range of internal designs
Steep learning curve
Needle threader has some issues

Who Should buy

Undeniably, this machine is an outstanding choice for experienced users. 
Apart from it, it can be highly useful for those who are looking forward to initiating their home business. 

The Brother SE1900 will provide them with comprehensive and quality sewing and embroidery designs to benefit their personal business. 

3. Janome Memory Craft 500E – Best For Experts


Weight: 20 Pounds
Dimensions: 26.5 x 22 x 21.3 inches
Speed: 400-800 SPM
Built-in stitches: 160
Fonts: 6


Maximum embroidery size: 7.9” x 11”
2 and 3 letters monogramming
Auto return post thread break
6 fonts for monogramming
Flexible stitch travelling (by units of 1, 10, 100)
5 Hoop sizes: RE28b, SQ20b, RE20b, SQ14b, RE10b 

What I Like

Fully Functional LCD Touchscreen 
The Janome Memory Craft eliminates any buttons you might be used to with sewing machines. It has a fully functional 5″ touchscreen LCD that allows you to select all your settings. If you’re not familiar with sewing machine controls, this makes it easy and puts them all in one space. 
The screen is large and in color, making it easy to see and use at all times. The best thing is that the user interface is straightforward. This makes it easy to get used to for beginners and expert seamstresses alike.  

Upgraded Editing Feature
The sewing machine really takes it to the next level with efficiency. It offers a variety of editing features that you can access directly from the touchscreen. You can increase, decrease, rotate,  flip, copy & paste, zoom, corner layout, and much more with the touchscreen. 
The large screen makes these edits even easier and faster. These built-in editing features allow you to make changes on the fly without having to pull out your computer and slow down your workflow. 
Efficient and Easy to Use
The Memory Craft 500E comes with 160 internal embroidery designs, six various fonts for monogramming, automated thread cutter, bobbin thread sensor, easy bobbin set-up, and fast thread trimmer. 
These features make embroidery super easy to start working on projects right out of the box. 

What I Dislike

If you are used to traditional sewing machines then the Janome Memory Craft 500E might be a drastic change for you. It eliminated all the traditional knobs and buttons and replaced them with an all-purpose touchscreen. If you’re not used to touchscreens then this can take some time to learn and get used to. 
Limited Speed
This sewing machine is on the slower side compared to some of the competition. If you typically use sewing speeds of 1,000 SPM or higher then you might want to opt for a different sewing machine. The Janome 500E maximum speed is just 800 SPM. 

The computerization and advanced features come with a price. The Janome 500E is expensive. This can be a downside for some since it’s not a professional level sewing machine but comes with the price tag of one. If you are an experienced sewer you might want to opt for a sewing machine with less computerization and more features. 
Built-in and downloadable fonts make it ideal for monogramming. 
User-interface for the LDC screen is easy to learn 
The ability to edit designs on-screen allows for quick edits without a computer 
160 Built-in designs make it efficient and ideal for beginners
Internal embroidery designs are restricted to a limited space
sewing machine speed is not as fast as the competition
All operations on LCD touchscreen  can be a had adjustment compared to traditional sewing machines 

Who Should buy

The Memory Craft 500E is great for intermediate to experts. Beginners can begin to use this machine with ease but the steep price tag is often not ideal for beginners to begin learning. 

The computerization on this machine makes it great for people who aren’t comfortable with the traditional knobs and buttons of traditional machines. The Janome 500E it fully computerized allowing you to adjust all your setting on the LCD screen. 

A major benefit for beginner or intermediate users is that you can almost create your designs using the editing features on the LCD screen. With a simple design you can customize it for each project your working on to make sure it’s prefect. 

4. Brother PE800 – Best Selling Worldwide


Weight: 13.74 Pounds
Dimensions: 21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches
Speed: 400-800 SPM
Built-in stitches: 138
Fonts: 6


5″ x 7″ embroidery field for larger designs and lettering
Large color touch LCD screen
Extensive design editing – Rotate, mirror-image, increase and decrease the size of your designs
Built-in tutorials
Built-in memory for importing embroidery designs with USB

What I Like

Good Quality Design Editing 
PE800 gives you high quality of design editing that you may haven’t experienced before. As its hoop size is large, you can get enough space for easy embroidery. 
Needle Threader Works Automatically
This machine has an automatic needle threader which means that you can fastly and consistently work with great ease. 
Easy Bobbin Set-up and Thread Trimmer
It comes with an easy drop-in bobbin set-up and a thread trimmer, which collectively makes your work more efficient. 
A Reliable Option for Beginners
PE800 serves as a reliable embroidery machine for all the beginners out there due to its simple functionality. However, it doesn’t sew. 
Bright LED Lights 
The machine also contains two LED lights surrounding the embroidery and needle area. These lights are super-beneficial when working on dark-colored fabrics or placing your designs in the hoop. 

What I Dislike

Doesn’t Sew
The major limitation of this machine is that it doesn’t sew and its abilities are confined to embroidery only. If you are looking for a versatile machine that you can use for both sewing and embroidery then this is not the best option. 
Since it’s strictly for embroidery this can be an expensive purchase. If you’re primary use it embroidery then this is a reasonable price for the features that this sewing machine has. 
On-screen customization of designs and patterns
USB compatible allows you to import designs. 
Super-easy to alter threads
Only an embroidery machine 
Tends to heat up when it is being used consistently, due to its small size
You can only use non-metal bobbins

Who Should buy

The PE770 is one of the best-selling embroidery machines worldwide.

It is ideal for beginner sewers looking for a budget-friendly sewing and embroidery machine.
It has easy-to-use features and functionality. Despite its simplicity, this machine has enough features to allow you to finish diverse embroidery projects.

5. Brother SE600 – For Everyone


Weight: 11.82 Pounds
Dimensions: 21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches
Speed: 710 SPM
Built-in stitches: 103
Fonts: 6


4″ x 4″ embroidery field with an included 4″ x 4″ hoop
Large, 3.2″embroidery arm and embroidery foot
80 embroidery designs
Built-in USB port 
10 styles of one-step, auto-sized buttonholes
Expanded 6.4″ w x 4.1″ h needle-to-arm workspace 
7 versatile sewing feet

What I Like

Built-In Functions 
This embroidery machine is perfect for hats because it comes with plenty of built-in functions. These functions make it easy to perform what is usually a difficult task.
These built-in functions include 80 embroidery designs, 103 built-in stitches, and six fonts. This gives you the ultimate flexibility when creating designs and projects.
Compact Body 
If you travel often or only have a small space to work then this is a perfect modal. The Brother SE600 is compact and lightweight. It weighs just over 11 pounds and is less than 22 inches. It can easily fit in compact spaces. If you only make hats this is a perfect option because it’s powerful but compact. 

What I Dislike

Limited Workspace
Depending on the type of projects you use the compact nature of the Brother SE600can be a huge disadvantage. It only offers a 4 x 4 inch square of design. If you focus primarily on small hats then this is ideal. If you need to work on larger projects then I recommend you purchase a larger machine that can accommodate larger designs. 
Limited Sewing Features
If you plan on using the sewing functions of this machine they are limited. There are not many automated or automatic functions with this machine. If you are new to sewing and prefer automated functions such as thread cutter, needle threader, and others then this is not the best option.
Two in one sewing and embroidery machine
USB connectivity
Easy and free-arm design results in simple pants and sleeves working 
Plenty of built-in functions make it easy to operate right out of the box 
It has a small embroidery area
The weak frame is not durable

Who Should buy

This machine is powerful and compact. It comes loaded with built-in designs and stitches. This machine can accommodate beginners and professionals alike. It is easy to use with built-in designs and offers an LCD screen with editing features that allow you to customize your designs as you go.

If you need a compact and lightweight machine to add designs to your hats, then the Brother SE600 is a perfect choice. 

6. Brother PE535


Weight: 14.99 Pounds
Dimensions: 16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches
Speed: 1,100 SPM
Built-in stitches: 80
Fonts: 6


4″ x 4″ embroidery field
Large color touch LCD screen
Built-in tutorials
Built-in memory for
importing embroidery designs from USB

What I Like

Automatic settings and features
When you’re low on bobbin thread, the machine will notify you and stop until it’s been refilled. 
The top drop-in bobbin is jam-resistant and can be rewound automatically. The machine’s embroidery needle threader is also quicker.
The drop feed dogs also allow for more free-motion quilting, unlike other machines.
My favorite feature is the programmed thread cutting. It’s timely and allows you to continue without taking too much of your time away. 
It also memorizes your earlier settings. This way, you don’t have to go through the hassle and can continue your work comfortably the next day.
Easy for beginners to use
The Brother SE625 comes with troubleshooting error codes and a CD containing built-in designs for home embroidery. 
There’s a color touch screen that shows your embroidery designs and threads in full color. This feature will ensure you select the right color each time.
The screen also allows you to edit your designs. Its drag and drop feature allows you to resize, move, rotate, and even mirror your design’s image.
It also comes with compatible presser foot suggestions to make things easier for beginners who want to try their hand at sewing, quilting,hank you. 
Extra Features
The machine comes with a CD that includes pre-made embroidery designs. 
It also comes with a foot controller and a dust cover when you purchase it. You also can import designs either through a USB stick or directly from your computer and to the machine. 

What I Dislike

Cheaper threads might cause the needles on this machine to break. 
This machine’s internal memory could do with a higher storage capacity. Before uploading new ones you might need to delete some of the designs you already have. 
The PE550D isn’t a multifunction embroidery machine so the 4-inch by 4-inch embroidery hoop is limited. 
Large LCD screen 
Comes with a variety of sewing stitches and embroidery designs
Easy to operate
Suitable for both beginners and professionals
The hoop size is limited to 4×4 inches
Most parts are made of plastic
Operating without the foot controller is somewhat inconvenient

Who Should buy

Outside of some of the minor inconveniences, the quality of work in sewing, quilting, applique, and patchwork is impressive.

Brother SE625 is an excellent buy as it’s affordable and sleek. It also has a fantastic customer support team should you run into any problems along the way.

It’s great for both beginners and professionals in the embroidery and sewing industry.
Embroidery enthusiasts who want to try their hand at sewing will enjoy working with this machine. The settings and features will allow them to switch between either one with ease.
Beginners who are also looking to start with either sewing or embroidery should look into buying this computerized machine.

7. Janome Memory Craft 9850


Weight: 22.9 Pounds
Dimensions: 18.75 x 12.4 x 8.8 inches
Speed: 60-800 SPM
Built-in stitches: 200


Drop-In Bobbin
Automatic Threader
Speed Control Slider
Built-In Timer
Full-color LCD Touch screen
175 Built-In Embroidery Designs
Free Arm

What I Like

Versatile and Easy Set-Up
The Memory Craft 9900 comes with 200 built-in stitches (and the possibility of adding thousands more) and 175 built-in embroidery designs so you can start your next project as soon as you get it out of the box. 
It’s also easy to set up, which means you can start sewing in no-time.
Many users who’ve tried this machine have made notes on how quiet it is. It’s perfect for sewing late at night or in the early hours of the morning without worrying about waking anyone up.
This is a powerful sewing machine that is lightweight and compact. It weighs just over 20 pounds and only more than one foot wide. This is perfect for small workspaces or people who travel often. 

What I Dislike

This is a fully computerized sewing machine that comes with a steep price tag. If you are a beginner then the price tag might be too expensive. As an intermediate or experienced seamstress then the price might be more reasonable. 
Steep Learning Curve
This sewing machine takes time to learn especially if you are used to traditional sewing machines’ buttons and knobs. The Janome 990 is fully computerized and all settings must be changed using the LCD screen. This can take some time to get used to for beginners and experienced seamstresses. 
It comes with a variety of stitch and embroidery designs.
Easy to set up and use with a brightly-lit workspace, runs quietly.
High-resolution LCD touch screen with thorough instructions included.
Expensive like other computerized machines.
It doesn’t work well on thick or multi-layered fabrics such as leather, suede, fur, reptile fabrics, etc.
It’s multiple options and features may be too much of a learning curve for beginners.

Who Should buy

This is a great sewing machine for all types of sewers. It’s easy to use for beginners once you get accustomed to the LCD screen.

It’s also powerful and full of built-in features that allow you to be efficient with their designs. The editing features built into the LCD screen make it great for editing hat designs quickly. 
I’m Jessica, mother of two and passionate seamstress. From a very young age, I’ve cultivated a passion for the creative arts, from drawing, sewing and now quilting. I saw it as a way to escape, to create, and above all, to please by offering my creations around me. The desire to pass on this passion has become more and more important, this is why I’m sharing my experience and my knowledge online.
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